Why Test Employees With the Achiever?

A recent study (link here) by Deloitte Research concluded that employees are becoming increasingly disaffected. Successful organizations find ways to engage employees in ways other than the bigger paychecks or better benefits that competitors can easily match. But, how does an employer determine the best way to engage employees? By testing them with The Achiever.

Testing employees with The Achiever provides the following benefits:

  • Insight into the best way to manage an employee
  • Find other positions within an organization an employee may perform well
  • Provide objective analysis of candidates for promotion
  • Determine whether a candidate for transfer is well suited for the new environment
  • Determine areas in which the employee needs training or development to improve performance
  • Team building
The Achiever provides an employer with information about an employee in six mental aptitudes and ten personality dimensions. Analysis of these aptitudes and dimensions makes management and team building more effective. Additionally, The Achiever provides Benchmarks against which an employee may be compared. The Benchmark represents the range of scores required for successful performance of a particular job. The Benchmark provides a “picture” of how the employee’s scores compare to the job requirements, making promotion, transfer or other employment decisions easier.

The Achiever report is available in a version to be given directly to the employee to aid in training, development, and team building.

For more information on what is included in The Achiever report, click here.