Success Stories

North American Lighting - CRI provides Best Practices assessment technology known as the Scoreboard to select employees to work in teams for plants that manufacture lighting harnesses for Mercedes, Toyota and Nissan. These plants now have the highest production levels, fewest quality control problems, the highest employee retention rate and the lowest workers' compensation costs of any other plants of their kind in the United States.

Nextel - CRI utilized the Achiever to assess Nextel's most successful salespeople to establish success benchmarks. CRI then assessed over 500 customer service people to determine which met the benchmark aptitudes and behaviors for success in sales, thus enabling management to make more objective decisions as to which customer service people to move into sales.

Red Robin Restaurants - CRI provides Best Practices assessment technology and web-based testing to select better managers to facilitate more rapid growth and productivity of Red Robin than other similar businesses in these economic conditions.

McGraw-Hill, Business Week and Standard and Poor's - The Achiever assessment technology was utilized in the Project Gold program, and is used by McGraw-Hill in its hiring process.

U. S. Army - CRI's assessments have been utilized by the U. S. Army in the selection and development of Army recruiters to meet their recruiting objectives.

Universal Computer Systems - With over 2500 employees in the United States and more in foreign countries, UCS has been utilizing CRI assessment technology on applicants, regardless of levels, for years. Its president attributes much of its success to choosing the right people for supervision, management, sales, technology, etc., as a result of testing with the Achiever.

Talx - Received an award for being one of the best, fastest growing, small companies in America. They have about 1100 people and their president attributes much of their success to choosing the right people in a variety of different jobs, including top management, through the use of the Achiever.

Brinks Home Security - The Achiever has been a major contributor to the success of the sales and installation organizations of this national leader in home security.

Cintas Corporation - The Scoreboard assessment is used by this uniform company for hiring in twenty centers across America. Assessments are administered verbally to those applicants for whom English is a second language.

Cendant Companies - Wide user of the Achiever technology. Cendant Companies include Avis, Fairfield Communities, RCI, Century-21, CitiTravel, Budget and many others.

U S Food Service - The Achiever assessment technology helped this food service distributor establish benchmarks of successful customer service and sales employees within the organization. Utilization of these benchmarks has helped US Food Service increase sales and customer service.

Cici's Pizza - CRI has developed benchmarks for store managers, district managers and franchisees for this restaurant chain. The benchmarks are used in conjunction with The Achiever (applicant testing link) in the selection process to duplicate successful performers.

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