About Best Hire

Customers are the focus of your organization. Any employee that interacts with one of your customers in any capacity has the ability to shape the attitude a customer has of your organization, whether positively or negatively.

BestHire™ offers employers a solution for insuring that employees who interact with customers possess the personality traits necessary to make the best possible impression on customers. BestHire™ assesses applicants and employees to determine whether they are dependable workers, and whether they will be a fit for positions that involve contact with customers. BestHire™ provides concise, easy to understand results in the form of A, B, or C ratings on two different scales:

Provides a brief report on trustworthiness, reliability and dependability, with a rating of A (Recommended), B (Acceptable) or C (Questionable) for each applicant or employee assessed.

Basic Job Fit
Provides an evaluation of an individual's ability to interact with others, customer service orientation, and team spirit with a rating of A (Recommended), B (Acceptable) or C (Questionable).

BestHire™ is fast, economical, and easy to administer from any location with immediate availability of results.

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