Why Test Applicants With The Achiever?

As a recent McKinsey & Company study noted, “A” performers are 50-100% more productive than “C” performers. So, how does an employer identify potential “A” performers? By testing them with The Achiever.

The Achiever provides an employer with information about an applicant in six mental aptitudes and ten personality dimensions proven critical for successful job performance. More importantly, The Achiever provides Benchmarks against which the applicant is compared. The Benchmark represents the range of scores required for successful performance of the job for which the applicant is being considered. The Benchmark provides a “picture” of how the applicant’s scores compare to the job requirements. Choosing an “A” performer is much more likely with The Achiever Benchmarking approach.

In addition to increasing the likelihood of choosing an “A” performer, testing applicants with The Achiever provides other important benefits:

  • A truly objective analysis of an applicant
  • Behaviorally oriented questions to provide guidance in an interview
  • Insight as to how to best manage an employee to get productive performance faster
  • Development suggestions to help the applicant improve performance
  • Evidence of due diligence in the event of litigation
For more information on what is included in The Achiever report, click here.

The following notable organizations utilize The Achiever to select “A” performers and jump-start their performance:

American Fidelity Assurance
Brinks Home Security
Cendant Corporation (Avis)
Crown Lift Trucks
Federal Express
Gemological Institute of America
Hard Rock Cafe
Haverty's Furniture
McGraw Hill
North American Lighting
TAC Americas
Universal Computer Systems
University of Phoenix